From contemporary Filipino to Asian fusion, our ingredients are locally sourced from neighbouring farms or even from our very own backyard. Our family has hand-picked our favourites for you to enjoy.  


Garlic Pork Longganisa 275

Boneless Daing na Bangus 275

Crispy Tawilis 275

Beef Tapa 275

Chicken Tocino 275

all come with garlic rice, egg and pickles

Bulalo Noodle Soup 300

egg noodles, bokchoy, chili oil, fried garlic

Omelette 250

choice of 2 - cheese, mushroom, ham, longganisa

Fluffy Pancakes 250

butter latik drizzle

French Toast 200

salted egg custard sauce

Housemade Bread Basket 150

served with T House butter, jam & spread

APPETIZERS for sharing 

Salted Egg Yolk Onion Rings 200

Loaded Fries 250

topped with longganisa, garlic aioli, chives

Bulalo Noodle Soup 325

egg noodles, bokchoy, chili oil, fried garlic

Fried Chicken Wings 250

lemongrass-fish sauce caramel glaze, calamansi 

Fried Chicken Bites 250

beer battered, garlic sauce on the side

Baked New Zealand Mussels 350

topped with butter, garlic, cheese, gremolata

Fried Baby Squid 250

beer battered, roasted red capsicum aioli 

T House Bread Basket 150

served with housemade savory butters



T House Signature 250

Shredded Green Mango 275

crispy danggit, calamansi honey fish sauce dressing, fried garlic, cilantro

T House Signature 250

Shredded Green Mango 275

crispy danggit, calamansi honey fish sauce dressing, fried garlic, cilantro


T House Special Bulalo 600

Pork Belly Sinigang 450

Crispy Tawilis 280

Bulalo Kare Kare 650

Sinigang na Boneless Bangus 400

Crispy Pata 600

Dry Tinola 550

poached then fried half chicken, tinola rice, fish sauce, ginger-garlic puree, cilantro

MAINS for sharing

Brown Butter Garlic Chicken 385
half spring chicken, lemon, parsley 

Asian Bouillabaisse 375
coconut cream based broth, 
mussels, clams, prawns, cilantro

Salted Egg Ribs 500
slow braised and fried pork ribs 
tossed with salted egg sauce

Steamed Prawns 400
aligue, ginger-garlic paste, chives, cilantro, calamansi

Garlic-Parmesan Salmon Fillet 500
gremolata, lemon, parsley

Tenderloin Steak 500
slow roasted garlic, mushroom gravy, fries

Bo Ssam 600
slow roasted pork shoulder, ssam sauce, chive-ginger sauce, lettuce, rice 

VEGETABLES for sharing

T House Pinakbet 280

Adobong Kangkong 280

Fried Cauliflower 250
fish sauce, lime, curry leaves, cilantro, mint, 

golden garlic

Ginisang Monggo 275
chorizo, bacon, prawns

SANDWICHES for sharing

Kesong Puti Cubano 325
housemade focaccia, kesong puti, 
chopped crispy pata, ham, mustard, pickles

Longganisa Banh Mi 275
T House pork longganisa, spicy aioli, pickled 

watermelon, cilantro, basil, mint

Beef Rib Adobo Open Faced Sandwich 325
housemade focaccia, pulled beef rib adobo,
sunny side up egg, garlic crema

RICE, NOODLES & PASTA for sharing

Bone Marrow Fried Rice 250
garlic, soy sauce, fish sauce, ginger

Salted Fish Fried Rice 250
tuyo, garlic, scallions, wilted lettuce

Garlic Rice 180

Plain Rice 120

Prawn Noodles 350
butter-garlic emulsion, parmesan cheese

Special Pancit Sotanghon 300

Chorizo Pasta 380
spaghetti, garlic, tomato, parmesan cheese

Bacon Cream Pasta 300
parmesan cheese, poached egg


Chocolate Lava 250
vanilla ice cream, caramel

Turones de Saba 180
vanilla ice cream, caramel

Coconut Panna Cotta 200
honey drizzle, heirloom fruits, toasted coconut

Fruit Platter 250