Frequently Asked Questions on our COVID-19 Response

Thank you very much for visiting T House Tagaytay. To ensure your safety and that of our other guests and staff, we would like to request you to follow all the Guest Safety Guidelines below, which comply with IATF/DOH/DOT guidelines. While we have tried our best to be as unobtrusive as possible, some inconvenience is unavoidable. In these instances, we seek your dispensation in advance and remind all that it is only by being responsible for one another that we can prevent the spread of COVID-19. Thank you very much once again.



  • A maximum of 2 guests will be allowed per room at this point in time.

  • Guests younger than 21 and older than 59 are not allowed on the premises at this time.


  • Guests are advised to check on governing requirements for your travel to T House as they are constantly changing.

  • In general, we recommend that our guests secure A) Travel Pass/Travel Authority (especially if coming to T House on public transportation), B) Health Certificate (especially if you intent to visit other venues in Tagaytay which may require it). While both are not specifically required for check-in to T House, they will make your Tagaytay experience more relaxed.


  • All guests entering T House will be subjected to a Temperature Check at the gate upon entry.

  • Requirements to present at Check-In:

    • 2 V​alid IDs

    • Booking Confirmation (printed or on your phone)



  • Guests must submit to daily temperature checks. Our staff will conduct these at breakfast.




  • Guests are highly encouraged to shower and change upon check-in and prior to enjoying the facilities.

  • Guests must sanitize their hands prior to entering common areas (restaurant, spa, reception, etc.).




T House maintains a MASKS ON AT ALL TIMES policy with few exceptions:


  • When guests are in their individual rooms

  • While eating

  • While swimming in the pool


This means that all guests must wear their masks at all times outside these instances. For example:


  • While walking outside their rooms

  • While ordering or lounging at the restaurant / cafe

  • While having massages / other spa services


All guests must dispose of their Masks and PPEs only in designated disposals in their rooms.




  • All guests must maintain a 1-meter distance at all times, except guests in the same room.

  • Co-mingling between rooms is discouraged, except for guests living in the same residential address.




  • Food sharing is not encouraged. As such, all food orders will be served divided by the number of guests.




  • Only 6 guests at a time will be allowed at the pool area.




  • Only 1 guest will be allowed in each massage room.

  • Massages to the neck and head, and to the arms and hands will not be conducted.

T House Management reserves the right to refuse service to non-compliant guests. We seek for your understanding as we strive to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for all.