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We know what it’s like to feel the need to get away from the city, even just for the weekend, to relax and to just recharge for another week of work ahead. Tagaytay has always been our favorite getaway because it’s not too far, yet far enough for us to feel the stress from the daily grind fall away from our shoulders with every mile we drive closer here.


Tagaytay gives us tranquility, a clean slate where all problems and issues of our work in the city used to be. We would like to share this experience with you here in T House.


Every facet of T House has been designed to let relaxation flow naturally, from the clean modern architecture, the sound of flowing water and the birds in the fruit-bearing trees, the smell of fresh herbs of our food, to the spa treatments. We want your senses refreshed and rejuvenated in your stay here.


A good sleep is already a given. Each of our 14 rooms have a different personality, divided into three clusters— earth, water, and wind; each has its own experience to offer. Every room is air conditioned, complete with a cable TV, and hot and cold shower with the complete set of bath amenities. With the room, a relaxing tea to bid you goodnight and breakfast to greet the morning.




Outdoor Archery

Supersized Game Park

Music Lounge

Souvenir Shop

Events Place

Saltwater Pool

Free resident car parking

Free wifi in designated areas


7 am to 8 pm reception     

Tea & coffee making facilities  

Ilog Maria toiletries

Breakfast for Two 

Goodnight Tea & Cookies

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