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T House Pet Policy and Guidelines

We at T House love pets and the attachment our guests have for our furry friends. We happily accept small, well-mannered pets under the following conditions:


  1. When making your reservation, please inform us if you have specific pet-related questions and to guarantee availability of a pet-friendly room.

  2. We welcome one (1) small pet to check-in with his/her family.

  3. Upon arrival, please inform us if your pet will be joining you. We want to ensure a comfortable stay for all – including your pet!

    • A “guest pet responsibility agreement form” will be required to be signed at check-in

    • A non-refundable fee of Php750.00/night will be charged

    • Proper medical certification specifying that all vaccinations are up to-date must be available upon request

  4. Guests are responsible for any damage to the room and its contents. In the unlikely event that extensive cleaning and/or repair is necessary, guests may be charged additional fees starting from Php350.00

  5. Your pet may be left unattended in your room. However, he/she must be inside a crate or pet carrier when unattended.

  6. Your pet must be on a controllable leash at all times when outside the room.

  7. Guests must be in full control of their pets and should be conscious not to bother other guests with excessive barking, non-friendly manner, etc.

  8. Pets are not allowed in common areas such as the lobby, restaurant, spa, and pool areas. We welcome pets in the courtyard, rock gardens by the T Pavilion, and the rest of the grounds.

  9. T House is not responsible for any loss, injury, or illness to pets.

  10. As a responsible pet owner, please clean up after your pets. Any fouling in bedrooms, public areas, or grounds must be cleaned up immediately.

  11. Although we love pets, T House staff are not responsible for the care and cleaning up and after of pets.

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